Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Dar Al Ber Society, said, on the occasion of the launch of the activities of Emirates Innovates 2021: The state has established solid rules for development, sustainability, modernization and progress, and for performance and work in government departments, private sector institutions, civil society and various bodies, the most important of which is innovation, which has strived to become a consistent and indispensable approach to work and production, coupled with creativity and the pursuit of global supremacy and leadership.

Al Muhairi affirmed that the state's efforts in the field of innovation are widely and remarkably tangible, over the past years specifically, in awareness of the importance and value of continuous development, to promote comprehensive and integrated development processes, support the process of sustainability, and to achieve more scientific and cultural achievements and development and civil gains, and add them to the Emirates’ balance of achievements and successes over the past decades.

He pointed out that Dar Al Ber is based on its established policy of implementing the state’s orientations and the wise leadership initiatives on the ground. It pursues a policy of "sustainable institutional innovation" and adopts it as an effective means and a bridge to development, modernization, sustainability and the future, in all its projects, services, operational processes and general performance.

The Executive Director of Dar Al Ber believes that the UAE, with the vision of our leadership, is moving on the paths and foundations of science and harnessing advanced, serious and sober scientific research in progress, development and sustainability, which is what made it adopt 'innovation' as the country’s life approach and philosophy in developing, modernizing, continuing achievements and preserving the privileged position that our country has reached in the contemporary world, among developed peoples and nations.

Mohammed Al Muhairi stressed the importance and value of enhancing the presence of concepts and applications of innovation in schools and curriculum, making it one of the main pillars of education and learning in the Emirates, and activating his teaching and practice from a young age, to become a philosophy of life and a work method in the country.