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  • Main Office

    - Dubai

    800 79

  • Bur Dubai Branch

    - Dubai

    04 352 3333

  • Islamic Information Center

    - Dubai

    04 355 5223

  • Jumeirah Quran Memorization Center (Males)

    - Dubai

    04 344 8920

  • Almosa Quran Memorization Center (Male)

    - Dubai

    04 394 7647

  • Nad Al Hammar Quran Memorization Center (Females)

    - Dubai

    04 289 5767

  • ِAl Mamzar Quran Memorization Center ( Female )

    - Dubai

    04 296 6773

  • Ras Al khaimah Quran Memorization Center (Females)

    - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 233 3015

  • Ajman Branch

    - Ajman

    06 747 0404

  • - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 223 3088

  • Umm ِAl Quwain Branch

    - Umm al-Quwain Branch

    06 765 0002

  • Al khozam Branch

    - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 236 4071

  • Islamic Information Center

    - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 221 0009

  • Fujairah Branch

    - Al Fujairah

    09 243 0696

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Dar Al Ber

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Wide Range Of Projects

Urgent Relief | إغاثة عاجلة

Urgent Relief Outside Country

supporting humanitarian projects due to disasters,floods and droughts, covering the needs of those affected and meeting their basic requirements of food, medicine, water and shelter

Starts from 1 AED


Contribution building mosques | مساهمات بناء المساجد

Contribution building mosques

Contribution to the construction and maintenance of mosques, as needed

Starts from 1 AED


Contribution for Orphans | مساهمات الأيتام

Contribution for Orphans

Helping Orphans those are in need

Starts from 1 AED


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