Dar Al Ber Society launched an extensive campaign to collect donations and attract support for building mosques in many countries around the world under the slogan "Your House in Paradise"

Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Dar Al Ber Society, said: The mosque building projects receive special attention by the society, which is making great efforts in implementing and transforming it into a living reality, following the conditions and legal requirements, and works to bring it out at the best level and most beautiful.

Al Muhairi affirmed that mosque building projects always receive a great response by citizens and residents of the UAE, due to the great reward from Allah, blessed and exalted be He, for those who build the ‘houses of Allah’ and its care and service, and it is one of the most popular projects and strategic initiatives of the society and is one of the largest in terms of revenue, over the past decades.

In the same context, Al-Muhairi affirmed that Dar Al Ber gives the building of mosques special attention and exceptional care, as an implementation of the teachings and values of our true religion, within the framework of adherence to the state's policy and the directives of its wise leadership, to be a sanctuary of worship and an enlightened call to the religion of Allah with wisdom and good advice, and beacons of tolerance, coexistence and love.

As well as spreading positive values, and consolidating moderation, adding that Dar Al Ber gives priority to the construction of mosques in the regions most in need, in the continents of Africa and Asia, indicating that the construction of mosques is subject to precise and strict procedures and continuous financial and administrative control, to ensure the achievement of its goals and harnessing the funds of philanthropists and donors in embodying the legitimate aims and the lofty goals behind their construction.

The Dar Al Ber Society appealed to all people, philanthropists, businessmen and institutions to contribute to the charity campaign and to donate in favor of building mosques, in order to achieve the goals of the campaign and the architecture of ‘Allah’s Houses’, in line with the teachings of our true religion.