During the third quarter of 2020, Dar Al Ber Society provided humanitarian aid to people with humanitarian cases and implemented seasonal charitable projects within the country, totalling costs amounting to 10 million and 637 thousand 146 dirhams, of which 7 million 268 thousand 420 dirhams for aid and assistance1058, humanitarian cases from poor and needy families and 3 million and 368 thousand and 726 dirhams the Society spent on seasonal projects, according to the report issued by the Zakat Department.

Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society said that the Society has received in recent months many requests for aid, especially in light of the current circumstances due to the spread of the Coronavirus - Covid 19, and that the Society strives with all its available capabilities to provide all assistance and support to the needy families and the needy in the various emirates.

This inline with its continuation of humanitarian and developmental mission, stressing that Dar Al Ber, represented by the Zakat Department, gives top priority to critical humanitarian and material cases, from the needy and those with limited income and vulnerable social strata, such as orphans, the elderly, widows, needy and invigorated families, the sick and students. As well as those who are not are able to pay the expenses of their treatment and education, people of determination, and many others.

For his part, Youssef Al-Yateem, Head of the Projects and Zakat sector at Dar Al Ber, explained that the support and assistance for humanitarian cases, during July, August and September, covered the treatment of needy patients, fees for school and university students, paying the rent of needy families. It also includes paying electricity and water bills, and providing necessary expenses and needs for people with limited income.

Al-Yateem stated that the Society, through the Zakat Department, undertook the implementation seasonal projects during the three months (the third quarter of the year 2020), providing food to the needy, and the summer project which is based on providing electrical devices to help cope with the summer heat for families with limited income, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and water coolers.

The Head of the Projects and Zakat sector at the Society asserted that Dar Al Ber provides humanitarian aid to the needy in light of field studies conducted by researchers specializing in social research.

The Society created conditions and data for them to fully perform their duties and responsibilities, in order to reach that aid and grant it to those who deserve it. Also to provide for their needs and meet their requirements to consolidate the concept of "social solidarity", and promote sustainable community development.

He called on charitable people to continue supporting the Society and contribute to the charitable and humanitarian projects offered by Dar Al Ber and donate through electronic channels and smart applications that the Society has made available for donors and benefactors.