The ‘A Helping Hand’ initiative, launched by Dar Al Ber Society, from November of last year 2019 to October of this year 2020, managed to treat 35 patients from families with limited income, who suffer from various diseases at a total cost of 2 million 237 thousand and 850 dirhams. As well as the implementation of 13 charitable and humanitarian projects in the UAE, benefiting 159 thousand and 737 people with a total amounting to 4 million 910 thousand and 267 dirhams. So the total value of the donations raised through this initiative is 6 million, 148 thousand and 117 dirhams.

Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber said that the ‘ A Helping Hand initiative’ represents one of the most important initiatives that Dar Al Ber Society has devised and seeks to strengthen and consolidate the principle of social solidarity among members of society, which the Society is always keen to achieve, based on the principles of our true religion.

He added that the Society seeks to offer innovative qualitative projects that aim to sustain charitable and development work, especially in light of the great technical developments and leaps we see in the world of social media platforms. All charitable cases are studied both in the office and in the field and then the door is opened for donors and charitable people to help and treat sick cases and support community initiatives that are advertised through the official accounts of Dar Al Ber Society.

For his part, Hisham Ali Al-Hashemi, Deputy Executive Director of ‘Dar Al-Bar’, said that the medical assistance provided by the ‘Community Humanitarian Charitable Initiative’ since its inception has included 15 types of treatment and surgeries, which are treating cancer patients, liver transplants, heart operations, eye operations, dialysis, treatment of psoriasis patients, patients with multiple sclerosis, cartilage operations.

Also including the installation of electronic prostheses, Corona patients and others. The initiative also supported many community projects, most notably the payment of rent for those who are financially debt stricken, support for high school graduates, the project to provide food, the food basket project and the breaking of the fast project.

Also an investment project whose proceeds goes to the families of orphans, the summer project, which is based on providing air-conditioners and devices related to reducing the summer heat for those who are unable to purchase and providing smart tablets for students as part of the support of the ‘Distance Learning’ initiative. As well as buying travel tickets for cases that were stranded in light of the global pandemic and supporting an orphanage in one of the countries in which the Society operates in.

Hisham Al-Hashemi confirmed that the ’Helping Hand’ initiative is continuing during the next stage in launching and implementing more urgent community-based humanitarian projects, indicating that the initiative has had a remarkable response from all segments of society in helping and treating sick cases and supporting the debt stricken and has achieved great success that reflects the extent of the love of the Emiratis to do good, give and help needy people and those with limited income in the country, in various fields of charitable and humanitarian work.

Mohammed Suhail The Executive Director of Dar Al Ber called on generous people as well as charity, private sector companies and businessmen for more support and contribution to this community humanitarian initiative so that the Society can implement its community role by supporting the needy through their generous donations, indicating that the Society has allocated many channels to receive donations and contributions.

These are Dubai Islamic Bank account (003520443195201) and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank account (11530734) in addition to the SMS service by sending the word “Help” to “Etisalat” and “Du” subscribers to the following numbers for a specific donation and support amount, namely 2289 at a value of 10 dirhams. 6025 for the value of 20 dirhams, 2252 for a donation of 50 dirhams, 6027 for a donation of 100 dirhams, and 6026 to support the initiative with 200 dirhams, and via the Society's website and smart application, or by calling 80079.