Dar Al Ber Society launched the first mobile center for treating heart patients in the flood-affected areas in Sudan in an innovative humanitarian initiative aimed at providing health services to remote places. This is under the supervision of a group of UAE and Sudanese doctors, who are volunteers in the Young Voluntary Leaders Program, and in partnership with Emirati and Sudanese institutions, as part of a distinct model for joint charitable humanitarian work in the field of specialized medical relief.

Dar Al Ber confirmed that the launch of the Emirates Mobile Heart Center falls within the humanitarian tasks of the Emirati Sudanese Voluntary Field Hospital, which provided diagnostic treatment and preventive services to more than 20,000 people affected by the floods that struck Sudanese villages. This is part of the relief campaign launched by Dar Al Ber at the beginning of last September to face the repercussions of the floods and torrents, and to provide relief to the affected victims in Sudan.

The Executive Director of the Dar Al Ber Society, Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, added: “The Mobile Heart Center initiative reflects the humanitarian policy and the firm charitable approach of the UAE, and its keenness to support its brothers and the afflicted in Sudan and help provide relief and stand by them by assisting in all possible forms of support in solidarity.” Adding that the United Arab Emirates has become the title of giving and goodness in the world, and a milestone in the field of sustainable developmental humanitarian work at the regional and international levels, and has proven that it is always a forerunner in doing good deeds and supporting every humanitarian action anywhere, setting honorable pages in the fields of giving It has a unique approach towards promoting aspects of charitable and humanitarian work and opening the doors are wide open for everyone to extend a helping hand and help peoples and countries affected and in need.

From his side, Yousef Al-Yateem Head of the Zakat and Projects Sector indicated that the Society has ensured that the mobile heart center is equipped with the latest equipment, advanced medical supplies, and a modern laboratory. As well as providing it with medicines, which are free of charge for patients with heart and chronic diseases, especially the elderly, all by volunteer medical teams.

Voluntary diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive services will be available for thousands of heart patients, elderly and others in flood-affected areas, and other residents of Sudanese villages and cities. Highlighting that the mobile center will provide specialized services under the supervision of a group of senior consultants from the UAE and Sudan.

This will be in a specialized medical bus equipped with the latest equipment to provide specialized health services to remote villages and regions which lack specialized health services. All will be implemented according to a specific program with a focus on remote areas, to conduct comprehensive examinations for community members in areas affected by the floods.

Yousef Al-Yateem stressed the importance of the medical and humanitarian role that ‘Emirates Doctors’ initiative plays in its current station in Sudan, which the Society has undertaken as part of the urgent relief campaign which aims at early detection of heart diseases and timely treatment, with a focus on awareness.

By creating awareness of heart diseases and their complications and ways to prevent them, such as living a sound healthy lifestyle, adding that Dar Al Ber Society seeks to provide all support to the people in Sudan and to expedite the implementation of a number of necessary projects in the most affected areas, by forming medical relief teams, to contribute to alleviating suffering on behalf of those affected, and enabling UAE and Sudanese doctors to perform their humanitarian role in serving patients.