Dar Al Ber Society accomplishes a new achievement by obtaining the ISO (55001:2014) Asset Management System, making it the first charitable organisation in the Middle East to obtain a Global Asset Management Certificate from the Lloyd's Register - Dubai branch. Adding to its successful record in accordance to its integrated work system that seeks to achieve excellence and institutional leadership.

The ‘Lloyd's Register’ Authority, Dubai branch, awarded Dar Al Ber Society the certificate for the global administrative system, in regards to the field of managing the endowment assets and properties of the society in the United Arab Emirates. These include buildings, equipment, development and recruitment devices, in order to enhance its charitable, humanitarian and cultural work. It is the most widely used global standard among asset management systems.
This is in accordance to its integrated work system that seeks to achieve institutional excellence and leadership by reviewing performance of assets, processes, and procedures, managing and reducing risks related to assets and property, identifying possible opportunities to increase the value of assets, and reducing costs, all by adhering to the standards and policies of asset management.
This achievement reflects the ability of the Society to possess the highest elements of quality in preserving its assets in the long term and utilizing them in a way that achieves sustainability in accordance with best practices and international standards.
Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of "Dar Al Ber", received the international certificate at the society's Headquarters stating that the Society obtained the asset management system from Ayman Koteli, Director of Business Development in the Middle East, Africa and India.
Extensive Evaluation
Dar Al Ber went through extensive evaluation stages by the certification body, which included an in-depth analysis of the overall asset management processes and an assessment of the extent of their compliance with the certification requirements and standards, which resulted in obtaining the Global Asset Management System certification.
Outstanding Achievement
Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, stressed the importance of this achievement, noting that the Society, since its inception at the end of the seventies, has been keen to be at the forefront of charitable institutions in the country by applying the best administrative systems recognized globally, and this is what has been achieved, thanks to Allah firstly, then the support of our wise leadership that always encourages the relentless pursuit of excellence and institutional leadership.
Al Muhairi added: “The granting of this prestigious certification comes as the culmination of years of continuous work and the collective efforts and spirit of unified teamwork by the employees in the Society, stressing that obtaining the ISO certificate requires us to strive and work hard with the aim of continuous development and achievement in fulfillment of the vision and strategy of Dar Al Ber.
This stems from the strategic directions of the UAE, aimed at enhancing government excellence and developing performance in all sectors, while the Society is keen to implement the policy of integrated administrative systems, simplify procedures, develop operations, and enhance the value of charitable services, beyond the expectations of donors, philanthropists and beneficiaries supporting the competitiveness of the Society and increasing its customers in the charitable and humanitarian field.
Integrated Management Systems
Al Muhairi emphasized that the Society has obtained other Integrated Management Systems in the past, including the ISO: 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, which provides full assurance that the Society has an integrated internal management system, and a methodology for continuous improvement in operations and charitable services, risk management, and raising the competitiveness of the Society, as well as meeting the needs and expectations of clients.
The Society also obtained the Information Security Management System certificate 27001: 2013, which is one of the highest international certificates in the field of information protection and security, as the Society was able to meet all requirements, apply international standards, provide the highest levels of service for shareholders and donors and ensure complete confidentiality for all parties, through an effective and safe information environment.
The Society also received the International Innovation Management System (2019: 56002), which represents an integrated system to build innovation strategies and practices and support innovation and creativity processes in the work environment and participation of all in presenting innovative ideas, developing and implementing them in an effective manner, so that innovation is a vital part of the work system and an inherent culture of the Society's employees. These systems are subject to administrative control from the quality and strategy team in the Society to ensure that its standards are applied efficiently and effectively in all departments and divisions and to ensure harmonious and flexible application of them.