Emaar foundation has undertaken to provide 400 smart tablets for school students in need in a number of emirates across the country, with the aim of helping them enroll in the distance learning system and supporting students from low-income families.

This came within the framework of community interaction and the response of the private sector specifically, with the campaign ‘Helping a Student of Knowledge’, which was launched by the Dar Al-Ber Society at the beginning of this month and in support of the efforts made to mitigate the effects of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, confirmed that the initiative of "Emaar foundation" falls within the framework of continuous cooperation between the Society and the private sector institutions in the country. He explained that the company's initiative is a role model in relieving the burdens of parents and students, especially in such circumstances.

In light of the current crisis of the Covid-19 virus, the Society, represented by a special committee in its Zakat administration, has drawn up a list of eligible students among the most in need, after careful study for this purpose.

Al Muhairi noted the importance and value of the role of companies and private institutions in supporting charitable work, humanitarian initiatives and community development projects. All which provide for the needy and those with limited income and alleviate their suffering.

As well as advancing the process of development, construction and sustainability across the Emirates by supporting the country’s efforts in various fields, stressing the national, charitable and humanitarian role and development which Emaar, one of the giants of the UAE’s national economy stands for.