Dar Al Ber Society launched an urgent humanitarian campaign to relieve and support Sudan and provide for the needs of its people, in light of the floods and torrential rains it is currently experiencing that is affecting large parts of the country.

This campaign is within the framework of the UAE's policy and humanitarian mission which is based on extending a hand to affected communities worldwide through relief campaigns and humanitarian programs and projects that alleviate suffering.

Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said: “The campaign aims to provide relief and assistance to families affected by the torrents and floods, which demolished homes, flooded agricultural lands and led to the death of livestock, which are the sources of livelihood and sustenance for many.

As well as those affected by the destruction of the village of Umm Raho, in the area of Sidon in the Atbara River, where housing, institutions, public facilities and services were demolished, and all of its residents were displaced”.

He explained that this campaign is a literal implementation of the UAE's policy in the field of charitable and humanitarian work and is consistent with the vision of the country's wise leadership and the UAE's message to the whole world.

It constitutes a consolidation of the culture of giving and having solidarity with brothers and friends wherever they are, and the concepts of volunteering, charitable and humanitarian work that the people of the UAE inherit generation after generation. This is a distinct approach and a unique method in promoting aspects of charitable and humanitarian work, as the UAE has made great strides in improving the fields of humanitarian relief aid.

Al-Muhairi added that the most important needs that the relief campaign is working to provide to the afflicted people are tents, blankets, clothes, foodstuffs, medicines and medical supplies to tackle diseases associated with floods, such as malaria, and to prevent the situation from worsening in Sudan.

Teams will also be sent field medical services from the UAE and virtual support through modern technology that provide field teams with ‘remote’ medical support. Also, they will equip a field medical hospital and mobile clinics that provide all primary medical services under the supervision and coordination of Emirati medical teams in cooperation with health and humanitarian institutions in Sudan.

In addition, medicines and medical supplies will be distributed to those most affected in the various regions by the floods, with utmost care and commitment and following all precautionary and preventive health and proactive measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Executive Director of ‘Dar Al Ber’ Society appealed to various institutions, governmental and private bodies and community members to take the initiative and contribute to support the campaign and donate for the benefit of our brothers in Sudan, to support them and alleviate the suffering through the donation channels dedicated to the campaign, namely:

Dubai Islamic Bank account (001520500334201) and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank account (10068294) in addition to the SMS service, for a specific donation amount, 2289 for 10 dirhams, 6025 for 20 dirhams, 2252 for a donation of 50 dirhams, 6027 for a donation of 100 dirhams and 6026 to support the initiative with 200 dirhams, via the society's website and smart application, or by calling 80079.