On ‘International Literacy Day’, Dar Al Ber Society affirmed its active role and its various charitable and humanitarian development projects in the education sector. As well as combating illiteracy outside the country by supporting the educational process worldwide and providing support specifically for groups of students who are unable to pay tuition fees and meet their learning requirements.

Dar Al Ber confirmed that the system of its educational projects over the past years came as a implementation of the humanitarian and civilizational development vision of the UAE, consolidating its values based on spreading tolerance, sustainability, happiness and love around the world and establishing the directives of the wise leadership to extend the hands of goodness and charity to needy people globally.

Abdel Qader Al Rais, a member of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Dar Al Ber Society, said that the society undertook the implementation and completion of 3684 educational projects over a period of 16 years, starting from 2004 until the current year 2020 with total costs amounting to 97 million,102 thousand and 803 dirhams, covering various educational fields in a large number of countries worldwide, in the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

The General Director of the society stated that the educational projects that were sponsored and implemented by Dar Al Ber during the 16 years by the donations and initiatives of philanthropists and donors in the Emirates included the construction of schools, colleges, and Islamic centers, building classrooms and school furniture as well as providing student fees, uniforms, school bags and expenses for school and university students. All of these for the benefit of needy students in multiple countries within the geographical regions in which the society operates externally.